Lasers are the workhorses of the medical world. They present a conservative, gentle, precise, and efficient alternative to traditional surgical techniques and cutting instruments to treat myriad types of health conditions. For sleep apnea, DEKA Dental Lasers may be directed toward lax soft tissues to quickly and painlessly promote the regeneration of firming collagen proteins. As new collagen is produced, relaxed tissues in the soft palate, mouth, and throat are tightened. This process can take as few as 30 days. 

The QuietNite laser is well-suited to treat patients who snore and those with sleep-disordered breathing to restore the quality of their rest, resolve the effects of chronic sleeplessness, and restore their well-being. Laser treatment can be completed in 10 minutes, with no more than three sessions as needed and as scheduled by Dr. Benton. Improvement may be noticeable in as little as five days post-treatment. In addition, as a minimally-invasive approach, there are no side effects, no bleeding, and no need for numbing anesthetic (because lasers are tolerated so well).

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